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My R&D Engineering Humanoid design for a Theme Park company to remain competitive and showcase for display.


The company need to switch from pneumatic actuators to development their own all electronic humanoid robotics . the video of the founder  interview ,


A : Cartoon scale humanoid robots girl Head . 24 movements on facial expressions & neck . A Short clip it dance video :


B : Real scale humanoid 3D scan head , Try to fit as much as possible control motor actuators into the head , and recreate the muscle activity of facial expressions base on human anatomy study. Beside mechanical, also developed the silicone skin mould.

28 movements on facial expressions .


C : Full-body move male humanoid robots, This R&D I set up goal to implement 3 major improvements over the project A .

1 : the upper body can free standing support by the walking legs .

2 : both motor for arm swing and rotation can place in chest without interfering each other . Maximized arm torque with bigger motor. ( in convenient ways arm rotation motor place in chest and arm swing motor in deltoid or biceps , but arm swing motor would be much smaller to fit in a real human scale humanoid )

3 : put 2 bigger motor in parallel to control waist pitch & roll . maximized waist torque for upper body weight.


D : Outsourcing project from Hanson Robotics Limited for their famous Robot Sophia , As I can finish a the prototypes of 3 Omni wheels robotics mobile base for them in 10 days super tight schedules.



Can't show image here under NDA